Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Reservations are final only accompanied by deposit (payment in full for stays of one or two nights, percentage of the total cost for longer stays).
Phone or email reservations should be confirmed by sending the cheque or a bank transfer.

Send a cheque or wire transfer if you have not checked the availability!

For only last minute bookings, it is possible to communicate full data of your credit card (number, date of validity and the last 3 digits of the number next to your signature on the back of your card).

No cancellation and whatever the reason will not be a refund of the deposit.

Pralognan is not located on an axis of important and there is more room for peak demand before the event. Cancellations so lead to the vacancy in the House. This is what justifies our extreme firmness in the execution of our contract.

For the fantasists, we believe that the best way of not having to deal with this situation is that: you book unless you are certain to come take care of your room.

We cannot marry all the misfortunes of the Earth: return to unwanted work, illness and even deaths of relatives made... which do not constitute a case of force majeure. There is insurance to cover the costs resulting from such facts when they are real.

We remind you that you can always rent a room on arrival, directly to the controller, insofar as there is available.